Ortho® Killex® Lawn Weed Control - 1L Concentrate

500mL bottle of Ortho Killex Lawn Weed Control

Overview & Benefits

    Ortho® Killex® Ready-to-Use controls over 50 varieties of broadleaf weeds in the lawn. Concentrated formula provides maximum coverage for more widespread weed infestations.

Available sizes:

    500 mL

    1 L

    2 L

Available in the following areas:
Countries:  CA

  • Summary

    Kills over 50 varieties of broadleaf weeds in the lawn.

  • Available sizes:

      500 mL

      1 L

      2 L
  • How to Use

    Mix 6 mL of Killex® per litre of water to treat 5 square metres (50 square feet). May also use with the Ortho® Dial 'N Spray® Applicator.

  • When to Apply

    Apply when weeds are young and actively growing.

  • Where to Use

    Apply on weeds in grass/turf.

  • Where Not to Use

    Avoid spraying flowers, shrubs, vegetables and fruit crops.

  • Special Instructions

    Temperature should be below 32C. Avoid watering for 24 hours after applying. Avoid applying on windy days.

  • What it Controls

    Weeds: Dandelions, Plantains, Chickweed, Clover, Bedstraw, Black Medick, English Daisy, Curled Dock, Heal-All, Ground Ivy, Knotweed, Ragweed, Shepherd's-purse plus over 35 lawn weeds.

  • Cautions

    DO NOT apply to any body of water. DO NOT contaminate irrigation/drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes. DO NOT directly spray or allow the spray to drift onto ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, vegetable and fruit crops, or exposed tree roots, as this product may injure these desirable plants. Do not use on bentgrass varieties (golf greens). Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty.

  • Packaging


  • Active Ingredients

    2,4-D 95 g/L

    Mecoprop-P 52.52 g/L

    Dicamba 9 g/L

  • Disposal Methods

    Do not re-use empty container. Wrap and dispose of empty container in household garbage.